About Jon Lynch

Jon Lynch Instructor Bio SMU Coding Boot CampJon studied design. He started his career as a graphic designer for print and digital media in 2002. As the need for those with expertise in web development grew, he knew his skill-set would need to grow to include things such as server-side programming, database design, and front-end development. After learning through self-study and hands-on training, he landed a job as a full-stack developer. He has never looked back.

While Jon still enjoys designing, his passion lies in full-stack development, particularly with Javascript. He is excited about the future of the web and loves to help others learn web-related technologies.

Jon has held leadership positions at KPMG and Cox Automotive and has worked on projects for Nokia, Microsoft, EDS, and Coca-Cola. Jon is currently a Senior Software Engineer and a Tech-Lead on a development team at Cox Automotive. He is also studying Computer Science at Champlain College in Vermont.

Fun Facts:

  • He is married and has two daughters
  • He is a musician and plays guitar and drums, and sometimes kazoo
  • He had an “accident” on stage as a 5-year-old boy while singing a solo as Tiny Tim in The Christmas Carol (he has never fully recovered)
  • He once replaced a radiator in a german car (the replacement was then replaced again by a “professional” less than 2 years later)