Live Online Learning Experience

Our live online learning experience was designed for people like you who need the flexibility to fit your education around your existing life commitments, while not sacrificing accountability or face-to-face interaction. For the health and safety of our students, due to the spread of COVID-19, all of our in-person classes have moved to our pre-existing virtual classroom format.

You will receive the same skilled instruction and market-driven curriculum as our existing in-person classes, learning the most up-to-date tools and technologies to meet the demands of employers. We know that navigating these uncertain times can be difficult, but we are working hard to continue to provide our students with the uninterrupted delivery of a first-rate educational experience.

Inside the Virtual Classroom

Watch below to get a glimpse of the virtual classroom experience.

Live Online Classes

Attend interactive online classes in real-time via video conference from the comfort and safety of your home, wherever that may be. We provide all the resources you need digitally, so you don’t have to worry about securing additional learning materials. For more information about the classroom experience, visit our classroom page. All information pertains to both our in-person and virtual classes.


Even if you find yourself at home, we understand that you still have obligations outside of your studies. Our convenient, part-time class schedule with evening and weekend sessions combined with the ability to attend classes from anywhere allow you to fit the program around your current schedule.

Maximum Support

Receive extensive real-time virtual support from a team dedicated to helping you succeed, including instructors, teaching assistants, and the boot camp success and career services team. We pride ourselves on being available to help our students from wherever they are — through virtual office hours, as well as a dedicated #Slack channel where you can get assistance from instructors, support staff, and your fellow students. For more information about the benefits available to all students, whether online or in-person, visit our student support page.

Career Services

All online students are supported by a dedicated career services team of experienced professionals consisting of a career director and profile coach. You will receive technical interview training, virtual tech panels, portfolio reviews, LinkedIn development, resume support, 1:1 career coaching and more without ever leaving your home. Our career team has always operated remotely, so you will continue to experience all of the benefits listed on our career services page through our existing (and proven) virtual delivery.

In-Person vs. Online Experience

New to online learning? Don’t worry, we aren’t. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams have been working to design and deliver online boot camp classes that match the quality and integrity of our in-person offerings. We designed this graphic to show you how the online learning experience stacks up.

Comparison chart that displays the similar benefits between the online versus in person bootcamp learning experience

Reviews from Online Learners

Click below to view testimonials and hear from individuals who have gone through this virtual classroom experience at Trilogy-powered boot camps.

“I chose to attend the program to go down a different career path. I wanted something that would allow flexibility, the possibility of remote work, and a sustainable way to support myself… It’s been 3 months since graduation, and I have landed a remote position with a company that is willing to invest in my learning, and work with me to build my skills and knowledge to be a more competent developer. I couldn’t be happier with where this path is leading me! I feel smart, secure in my future, and excited to be a part of the tech community so I can show others that it is possible at a later age.” – Ashley H.

“I liked that it was live online. This allowed me to juggle work, family and school commitments.” – Paskwa M.

“My instructor was amazing, the TAs super-qualified, and the coursework was engaging. As a result of this bootcamp, I’ve leveled up my career a bit, made some really wonderful friends, and gained a whole new skill set.” – Karen L.

“What I received was the most support I have ever experienced. My instructor, TAs, and career coaches were relentless in their efforts to help me and my classmates excel. The week before graduation, I interviewed at a digital consulting and design agency. A month later, I had locked down an amazing job in an amazing location where my skills, ideas, and opinions are valued and truly matter.” – Savannah C.

“I chose to attend because I needed a change in my life and [wanted to] develop skills that would allow me the ability to have a focused career. So far it has given me the opportunity to earn more for my family while also having more time to spend with them. It has completely changed my life.” – George M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are we preparing instructors to provide a high quality online learning experience?

We’ve provided extra training to all active instructional staff on how to effectively lead classes on Zoom through proper equipment use, breakout rooms, and specific engagement tactics that work well in a synchronous online session, as well as additional specialized training sessions.

Will individuals in the live online classes be able to take advantage of all the boot camp support and career services options available to those in the in-person classes?

Yes! All benefits listed on our student support and career services pages are available virtually to online students, from office hours and tutoring to 1:1 career coaching and demo days.

In what ways can individuals interact with their peers in this online format?

In addition to learning alongside their peers via video in the virtual classroom, the live classes also offer breakout sessions during class. Breakout sessions allow students to interact face-to-face in a smaller discussion group setting. Outside of class, students interact via Slack, email, and use the virtual classroom platform to schedule study sessions with their peers.

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